Thursday, April 26, 2012

We Are Who We Are

Good morning!  Our week is winding down, just one more day til the weekend, yeah!!!  We are going to see another layout using Silvia's Antique Gardens today.  This is by mystampin, and it's called We Are Who We Are:

This is such a moving concept, that we are who we are because they were who they were, and especially when you apply it to this picture.  I love thinking that I am descended from women who enjoyed being spontaneous and silly and weren't always looking to be prim and proper.  It reminds me of another quote I love:  Well-behaved women rarely make history!  But enough of that, back to Beth's layout.  The soft blending she's done to create the background is the perfect setting here.  I like how she's used the frame just around the important part of the picture instead of the whole thing, I am a fan of that technique for sure.  I like the rose lying underneath the picture of the women, and the clustering at the top is beautiful. Silvia always gives us so many elements that work perfectly for clustering, and every layout artist takes full advantage of that in their work.

You can get Antique Gardens here:

That's all, see you tomorrow!

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