Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Mother and Daughter

Good morning!  Today I'm going to show you another layout from Silvia's Antique Gardens kit.  It's by Jean Ann, and it's called Mother and Daughter:

Wow, this picture is amazing - these women look more like twins than mother and daughter, don't you think?  Jean Ann has done a beautiful job with this layout, using lots of negative space to enhance the picture and cluster she's created.  The frame is a great choice for this picture, and I like the flourish coming off on the left side.  Her cluster is lovely, and she's used my favorite pink roses!  I can't quite figure out if she has extracted this picture, or if the background is just such a close match to her background paper, but either way it looks terrific.

You can get Antique Gardens here:

That's all, see you tomorrow!

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