Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Time Flies

Good morning!  Today I have a layout to show you from Silvia's newest kit called The Art of Storytelling.  It's by Sage Diva, and it's called Time Flies:

The Art of Storytelling is a gorgeous kit with the color palette of yellow and gray, something that is very appealing to me.  Kristin has done a lovely job with her layout here.  Her slightly offset photo shows up so well on the background she's chosen, and that frame is perfect for it.  I especially love her cluster in the bottom right corner - the bright yellows really pop here, and she's chosen several of the many elements Silvia has given us to work with in this kit.  The watch on top defines the layout's name, and her shadowing is just amazing!  The small cluster in the top corner finishes the layout's appealing balance.

The Art of Storytelling comes in individual parts, but the best value is the bundle of everything!  You can get that bundle here:
Gotta Pixel
A Cherry On Top

Do you  have a story to tell?

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