Monday, April 2, 2012

Happy Birthday Miss Macie!

Good morning - is it really Monday already?  Where did the weekend fly off to?

Today we will see a layout from Silvia's beautiful Appassionata kit.  It's by the51mom, and it's called Happy Birthday Miss Macie:

This layout makes me smile from ear to ear!  It's funny, Judith says she has an aversion to scrapping with pink, but I'd say she's getting over that pretty quickly.  I love the way she's layered her background papers.  The two clusters are so well-done - I especially love the string of beads she's used to anchor her main cluster.  Everything she has chosen to use for this layout works perfectly to enhance this picture - what a hoot it is too!  The pink sunglasses and beautiful pink lips are a perfect blend with the rest of the layout.  Now I hope her lollipop is pink bubble gum, because if it's orange or purple, it's going to destroy the whole color balance, LOL!  Luckily it doesn't matter since the photographer has captured her in her saucy enjoyment of its sweet taste.

You can get Appassionata here:

Gotta Pixel
A Cherry On Top

After this lovely inspiration, I advise us all to go out and get a lollipop of our own today, and maybe even get someone to take our picture with it!

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