I am a SAH wife and mother, living in Brazil, with my husband for the past 45 years and one of my daughters. My other daughter is married and lives with her DH and two sons a few minutes away. I am also Mommy to two adorable Pomeranian puppies and I am completely nuts about them - they are a very important part of our lives. I am passionate about reading, listening to good music, cooking and I am a huge movies and TV series fan.

My father was a designer, and I used to paint on porcelain and canvas. In fact, I grew up around art and always had to have an outlet for creativity. When I found Digital Scrapbooking, about 10 years ago, I was in heaven. This is simply the perfect craft!

I LOVE designing and I treasure the ability to leave a legacy of memories for generations to come. Not only can we leave the images of our lives, but our inner thoughts and feelings, as well. And we are also able to deliver all this artistically, creatively and beautifully. That is priceless!

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glynis48 said...

I enjoyed reading your "About Me" article. You are one of my favorite designers and I love your designs Your scrapbook kits are a work of Art, not just another scrapbook kit. I look forward to always seeing your new kits.