Thursday, April 19, 2012

Shadows From The Past

Hi!  Come on in and let's look at a wonderful layout created from Silvia's Antique Gardens kit.  This is called Shadows From The Past and it is by KaybKay:

Kay has truly created magic with this  layout.  As her journaling states, the pictures are of her and her mom at age 5.  The shadow in the top picture, and the one that she duplicated on the right side of the layout, is her mom.  When I look at the picture of her mom and the shadow behind it, it's like the life of the child casts a long shadow into the future of what she will become, and then is present in the life of her daughter.  That is some really magical storytelling, Kay!  Using the gray background and muted elements carries out her Shadow theme, with the bright pink flowers really drawing attention to her pictures.  I am so impressed with the layout that Kay has created, true artistry at work.

You can get Antique Gardens here:

There is magic in these gardens. Create some for yourself.

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