Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Dust of Snow

Hi Everyone! I'm Sherry, also known around the digiscrap world as livingoutloud. I have the honor and privilege of spotlighting a new layout every day that has been created with Silvia's beautiful products. I'm really excited about this, and hope you will be too!

Here's the first layout - it's called Dust of Snow and it was created by Sagediva:

This layout gives me the feeling of the sort of day when the snow has just begun to fall, and you know there's more on the way, but for that moment you can just enjoy the beauty of the first dusting. Those kinds of days are always filled for me with the anticipation of the quiet loveliness of snow.

Sagediva used several of Silvia's products for this layout. Of note, she has used 2 products from her Winter Glitz Series, the Messy Mats and the Frames,  plus 2 older kits, Season of Wonders, and Winter Song (which is now retired).  Here are the links to these products:

.Winter Glitz Series Messy Mats
Winter Glitz Series Frames
Season of Wonders

Take a look at these products and see how easily  they can make your winter layouts sparkle and shine!

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