Thursday, January 12, 2012

My Beautiful Mother

Hello!  Hope this Thursday finds you enjoying life to the fullest!  Today I'm going to show you a layout by kaybkay called My Beautiful Mother, done with Silvia's A Vintage Delight kit:

A Vintage Delight is definitely a timeless kit, one you'll go back to over and over again, and Kay has shown that so well.  I really  like the background paper and how its straight lines contrast with the angled ones of the frames Kay has chosen - really makes them stand out wonderfully.  I like how the bottom picture is tucked into the ribbon, and I love the way she's shadowed her butterflies.  In her description of the layout, she says her mother described herself as being "just ordinary" when she was growing up, but she looks beautiful in these pictures to me as well.  There's a good lesson for all of us when we are reluctant to have our picture taken or scrap about ourselves - down the line somewhere, someone is going to be soooo thrilled to see you, even more so if it's a page you scrapped with A Vintage Delight!

You can get A Vintage delight here:
Gotta Pixel
A Cherry On Top

So, check out your preferred store for this wonderful product, and have some fun scrapping your photos of yesteryear!

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john said...

My Beautiful Mother is a great layout. I like how you used photos from different time periods on a single page. It's a lovely compilation piece.