Friday, May 31, 2013

May in Review

Wow! Can you believe how quickly 2013 is flying by? It is already the end of May! Today I thought it would be nice to review all that has been happening here this past month.

First, Silvia held several sales and released several new kits. We started the month with a bang by celebrating iNSD with a huge sale! I hope you added a lot of new goodies to your stash!

The next big sale was Gotta Grab It at Gotta Pixel, when Silvia released Bright and Sassy!

Then came the Create A Kit Event at Scrapbook-Bytes, when Silvia released Floratta.

And then, just because she can, Silvia released two more beautiful kits.

and just yesterday, Blush

In addition to all the new goodies released this month, Silvia also held chats at Gotta Pixel and Scrapbook-Bytes. If you missed these, you missed out on a lot of fun and games. 

Silvia also is hosting the May/June Around the World challenge at Scrapbook-Bytes. If you haven't had time to participate yet, jump on over. This challenge runs for two months so there is plenty of time. I also hosted my Blast From the Past challenge at Gotta Pixel, and I'd love to have you participate in that one, too!

I also explored Silvia's galleries and showed you some of my favorites layouts. And I also showed you how I make a siggie. If you missed any of this, just click on the links to see what you missed. And don't despair. It's almost June which means more chats, more sales...more FUN! Keep watching here to stay informed!

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