Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Lily in Cream

Good morning!  Do you feel like dancing the Fandango on this lovely morning?  Well, maybe just some inspiration from Fandango Fiesta will do, let's try that!  We are going to look at a layout done by Glitter Queen called Lily in Cream:

Wow, so much to love in this layout!  It's always so wonderful to see each artist's interpretation of the kit contents, and the many different ways a kit can be used.  In this case, the white background papers with the blue sandwiched in between is a great effect - a blue background would have detracted from the main page, I think, but using it this way gives you the framing of the blue that adds so much here.  I like the patterned papers that she's layered behind the photos, they also add interest and texture.  The three clusters are so pretty - I have really started trying to notice the effect of triangulation, or using 3 elements (or clusters) on a page to bring the eye where you wish it to look, and it certainly works well here.  And, as always, I'm delighted to see a layout from Jeri to catch up on Lily's latest looks!

You can get Fandango Fiesta here:
Gotta Pixel
A Cherry On Top

Now go forth and dance, or scrap, whichever suits your fancy!

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