Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Lil Pumpkin

Hello!  Today I'm going to show you another wonderfully fun layout with Fandango Fiesta - this kit is really remarkable and so versatile, as you'll see today.   The layout is called Lil Pumpkin by SageDiva2:

When I saw this layout in the gallery, I had to check to make sure this was done using Fandango Fiesta - Kristin did such an incredible job here of converting the kit to a Halloween theme.  The picture is just adorable, she definitely makes a precious Lil Pumpkin.  I like how she has stamped on the letters for her title, that looks so realistic to me!  The small clusters are sized perfectly to make this layout work so well. I love how she has the sections of the black background paper showing, that is a great reflection of the dark background behind our Lil Pumpkin here.  The white frame is a strong contrast to the rest of the colors, so my eye is really drawn in to the picture.

You can get Fandango Fiesta here:
Gotta Pixel
A Cherry On Top

You can try this one at home, scrapbook fans, in fact I encourage you to do that!

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