Thursday, February 9, 2012

Choosing a Veil

Good morning!  Hope it's a bright sunshiney day where you are!  Today we are going to look at another layout created with Silver Serenade - it's called Choosing a Veil, and it's by mystampin:

Here again we have another layout masterpiece.  This is just packed full of beauty!  The black and white picture really stands out, but the elements around it do such a great job of enhancing it as well.  I don't know if we can officially call this a cluster on this layout because she's basically clustered on the whole page, and with great skill and artistry.  And isn't it perfect how the lace in the veil goes so perfectly with the elements?

You can get Silver Serenade, along with its extra embossed papers, here:

That's all, see you tomorrow!

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