Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Family Photo

Hi everyone!  Well since we are moving closer and closer to Christmas Day, let's keep looking at those sorts of layouts.  Today's is called The Family Photo and it's by kaybkay, done with Silvia's Christmas Treats:

Kay has done a terrific job with Christmas Treats - her layout is so great!  I love the little flair circles on the right edge, and the way she's arranged the ric-rac below the picture.  There are so many delightful elements to play with in this kit!  But I must admit that my choice of layouts today had much to do with the picture and Kay's journaling.  I can see why her family photos would be her most treasured memories, and that it wouldn't be peaceful to get everyone lined up to see the camera!  But I'll bet there's lots of laughter associated with it, because everyone's face looks really happy!  I almost never get to spend Christmas with my family of origin, so these sorts of layouts make me sooooooo happy to see!

You can get Christmas Treats here:
Gotta Pixel
A Cherry On Top

I don't know where you can get the big happy family - if  you have one, love them a lot this Christmas season!

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