Monday, June 17, 2013

Father's Day - The Day After

I hope everyone had a wonderful Father's Day. I really enjoyed browsing Facebook this weekend and seeing all my friends honor their fathers by posting photos with Dad. But one friend made an interesting observation. Almost all the pictures were taken at my friends' weddings. That seems to be the one occasion that there were photos of Dad & Daughter. I wonder why that is... Is it because it is the only time Dad is willing to stand still for an 'obligatory' photo with his daughter? Or is it because it is the only time we remember to include Dad? Hmm.. Anyway, this friend suggested that we all need to make a special effort to get more photos of Dad with the kids this year. Good idea!

As you hopefully know, I host the 'Blast From the Past' challenge at Gotta Pixel. This month I asked that scrappers create a layout about someone who has been a 'father figure' to them. There are some wonderful layouts there. Here is one of them.

My Grandpa by CindyB

Though this is Cindy's Grandfather, and not her father, it still illustrates the point my friend was trying to make about waiting for special occasions to photograph our dads. But I'm glad she got this shot. I hope this layout inspires you to create a layout! Please wander over to my challenge and consider participating! 

Cindy used Nocturne Poem to create the layout. The kit is perfect for this theme!

You can pick Noturne Poem up in any of Silvia's stores.  


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