Thursday, March 12, 2015

Tutorial: Masking A Photo To An Element in PhotoShop (or PhotoShop Elements) Plus A Challenge!

You all remember that awesome layout from AnnB I posted yesterday??

I really loved this layout and I thought it would be super if Ann would write up a little tutorial on how she created that photo clipped to an element.  Ann uses Photoshop.  I created mine using PhotosShop 11. So I know that the instructions will work for both.   That said.. here is our very first tutorial we'd love to share with you!

1. Open up a photo you would like to use – I used a robin photo in my layout -- 

2. Then I opened up Silvia Romeo’s Messy Mat from her Delight Kit

3. Place the photo layer on top and the element layer just below it.

4. Put your cursor on the line between the layers & hold down the alt key until the photo attaches to the element. Your layers panel should look like this. (Mac users use the Option key)

5. To show the flowers at the bottom of the element I added a layer mask to my photo & with a soft brush I erased the lower edge of the photo. The mask is located at the bottom of the layers panel (square with a circle in the center).  (For Photoshop Elements 11, it is at the top of the layers panel) Make sure you click on the mask in the layer panel & with black as the foreground color brush away the photo to show the flowers. You can temporarily lower the opacity of the photo to see just where the flowers are located – don’t forget to put the opacity back to 100% when you’ve finished

I actually did this tutorial myself!  (I told you that I would have to learn. This technique is really awesome.)

I didn't complete a layout, but here is where I masked a photo to the MessyMat element. Not too bad for a first attempt!  Ann did a super job with her brushing. I ended up revealing more of the mat, but that is up to you as work with your brush.


And now I would like to challenge you, our readers.  Give this tutorial a try.  Post your results someplace where you can provide me a link in a comment below.  I'll give you a few days to work on this one. How about Friday, March 13, 2015 at Midnight Eastern time.  I'll pop back Saturday.  Everyone that leaves a comment with a link to a url using this technique will receive a coupon for Silvia's store at Gotta Pixel.  Please, only one entry per person.  And be sure to include your email so we can contact you with the coupon.  Feel free to use this format: coyotelady(at)gmail(dot)com.

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Bright Eyes said...

That is a fabulous Tutorial, Ann. Had not thought about using a messy element as a partial mask.